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                        Your Building's Floorspace

                        Global Leader in Designing, Installing, & Servicing Space Saving Storage & Filing Solutions for Businesses to Optimize Your Building's Floor & Vertical Space!
                      • Employee Productivity
                        efficient workflow solutions

                        Business Efficiency Solutions to Organize Inventory & Information to Improve Accuracy & Enhance Workflow to Better Serve Your Customers!
                      • Modular casework
                        Modular Casework Cabinets

                        Modular Casework Cabinets Deliver Long-Term Flexible Furniture Solutions that can be Reused & Reconfigured to Protect our Landfills.
                      • information management
                        the competitive advantage

                        From Creation to Destruction We Will Help You Systematically Organize Your Paper & Digital Documents to Improve Workflow, Compliance, & Security of Your Information!
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                      We Make Space and People Work Better

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                        office efficiency solutions business productivity space saving products

                        Find ways to solve space and productivity problems while adapting to business changes.

                      • Material

                        efficient material handling lean storage solutions improving productivity inventory managemen

                        Learn about LEAN solutions for reducing waste, eliminating bottlenecks, and saving space.

                      • Modular

                        modular casework cabinets reusable benches sustainalbe moveable millwork

                        Discover how the reusability of modular casework will improve your bottom line.

                      • Information

                        information management consulting document scanning imaging indexing

                        Get help managing your company’s records throughout the entire lifecycle.

                      • Architectural

                        architectural specialty interior glass walls confernce rooms

                        Get solutions that will ensure flexibility and sustainability in your next design project.

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                      We maximize space efficiency and productivity for businesses. Our innovative, efficient solutions will let you better manage your space and people by creating an environment where they can excel in providing excellent customer service while reducing operating costs. Some ways we can help your business include:

                      • Establish systematic organization of inventory and information management systems
                      • Enhance workflow and remove bottlenecks that waste time
                      • Improve employee accuracy and reduce errors
                      • Optimize facility floor space and vertical space
                      • Secure inventory and information assets
                      • Provide ergonomic solutions to improve the work environment
                      • Improve employee morale for industry leadership

                      Our team is ready and looks forward to helping you make your business more efficient.

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                      We are now an 100% employee-owned company and are more motivated than ever to serve you with excellence!

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                      We are hiring highly motivated and talented individuals who desire to grow and succeed.

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                      Our Dallas office has moved. Please make a note of our our new address.

                      2535-B E. State Highway 121, Ste. 110
                      Lewisville, Texas 75056

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                      Our 90+ Person Staff Provides Over 1,300 Years of Industry Experience

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